The proceedings of the 2016 ICODECON are available (click here)

The 2016 ICODECON special issue of IJBESAR  is available (click here)

9 papers are accepted for publication in scientific journals - partners to ICODECON and 4 other papers are under peer review for publication.

The topics to be covered include (but are not limited to):


  • Agricultural Economics (AGE1)
  • Accounting (A2)
  • Applied Economics (APE3)
  • Banking (B4)
  • Business Administration (BAD5)
  • Business Ethics (BE6)
  • Business Intelligence (BIN7)
  • Business Law (BL8)
  • Business Performance Management (BPM9)
  • Business Statistics (BS10)
  • Corporate Governance (COG11)
  • Cost Management (COM12)
  • Development Economics (DE13)
  • Economic Methodology (ECM14)
  • Econometrics and Statistics (EST15)
  • Europe 2020 (EU16)
  • EU Enlargement (EUEN17)
  • European Integration (EUIN18)
  • Game Theory (GT19)
  • Finance (F20)
  • Financial Economics (FEC21)
  • Health Economics (HE22)
  • Health and Equity in Europe (HEU23)  
  • Human Resource (HR24)
  • International Business (IB25)
  • International Economics (IE26)
  • International Finance (IF27)
  • Logistics (L28)
  • Macroeconomic (MAE29)
  • Management (MAN30)
  • Management Information System (MIS31)
  • Marketing (MAR32)
  • Mathematical Economics (MEC33)
  • Microeconomics (MIE34)
  • National and Public Economics (NPE35)
  • Political Economics (PE36)
  • Public Relations (PR37)
  • Quantitative Methods (QM38)
  • Regional Development (RD39)
  • Regional Economics (RE40)
  • Risk Management (RIM41)
  • Sports Management (SPM42)
  • Strategic Management (STM43)
  • Tourist Economics (TE44)

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